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Taking candid photos

Taking candid photos

Candid photography Successful candids are more difficult to produce with long lenses due to progressively more limited depth of field and increased risk of shutter shake. We recommend using the standard lens (80mm on medium format, 50mm on 35mm format) or a moderate wide angle lens for the task. Timing is essential, it isnt just a case of clicking at anything that moves.

Good opportunities are usually presented by the brides preparations at home before departure, before she enters the church (capturing the tension) and on exit from the church, when being congratulated by friends and relatives. Children are excellent candid subjects.

Normally the best selling photographs are those that include the main wedding cast, the bride and groom, their friends and immediate relatives. Candids on 6x6cm cameras offer easy presentation by keeping a uniform format, but if you are proofing via a pro-lab they can prove expensive.

If you use video proofing, consistent square negatives present fewer production issues than mixing film formats, particularly when rotating between landscape and upright pictures. At the moment, candids are more popular than ever with young and informal couples and offer extra sales opportunities. Digital proofing makes the extra costs involved in creating candids minimal.

In addition the act of providing a video, e-book on CD or other extra product can be used to boost profits, especially if it means your clients no longer need to budget for videography, which can also save the client money from their video budget at the same time. Digital proofing eliminates print proofing and creates a new and highly cost-effective product. Unlike Transproofing it makes a product on which the client retains a copy of every image of the wedding day, for which more money can be charged.


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